Experiencias Xcaret: Activities, Attractions and Adventure in Cancun

by Kristin Carleen Busse (Kristin)

A Cancun vacation means white sand beaches and the turquoise blue Caribbean Sea, long relaxing days drinking cocktails on a lounge chair and endless evenings that begin with a leisurely dinner and end dancing the night away in a glittering nightclub.

However, the Cancun area also offers ancient Mayan history, Mexican culture and natural treasures. So escape the all-inclusive resort one day and visit one of Experiencias Xcaret’s parks, where you can experience the region’s culture, nature, cuisine and so much more.


Xcaret is a sprawling eco-archaeological park that highlights the best of Mexican and Mayan culture and cuisine and the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula. Swim the breathtaking underground river and see jaguars, butterflies, flamingos, parrots and monkeys. Visit the aquarium and its giant sea turtles and sharks. When you get tired, follow the stone paths through the lush jungle to the hammock area by the Caribbean Sea. Then dine on a scrumptious Mexican buffet at La Cocina Restaurant at 6pm while watching the equestrian show. Afterwards, Xcaret’s night show, Xcaret Espectacular, is the perfect way to end the day.

Xcaret is located just south of Playa del Carmen, about one hour from Cancun.


This natural park boasts the “world’s largest natural aquarium”. This is a day of fun and adventure in the sun for the entire family. Snorkel and see colorful tropical fish and sea life, float down the lazy river, explore the flooded caves, jump off the cliff of courage, zip down the “salpichanga” lines, and attempt to cross the “trepachanga”. Afterwards enjoy a delicious buffet lunch and then relax on a hammock with a cold cerveza while the kids enjoy “Children’s World”.

Xel-Ha is located north of Tulum, about one hour and 25 minutes from Cancun.


Xplor is not for couch potatoes. This is an exciting day of “xploring” the tropical jungle both from above and below. We suggest doing the two zip line circuits first… as they get higher and higher, each ride is more thrilling. Next, after a delicious smoothie from one of the snack shops, discover what lies below the porous, limestone surface of the Yucatan Peninsula... mysterious underground rivers filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Last but not least, after a yummy buffet lunch, take a thrilling (and somewhat bumpy) ride on amphibious vehicles through the jungle foliage.

Xcaret is located just south of Playa del Carmen, about one hour from Cancun.


Mexican food and music unite on a colorfully decorated boat to create an unforgettable fiesta. Xoximilco is a local version of the canals of Xochilmilco near Mexico City, where brightly colored “trajineras” (gondola-like boats) take visitors on a tour of the area. At Cancun’s version, appetizers, a three course gourmet dinner, beer, tequila, soft drinks and water are served (delivered by other boats) while the boat is propelled by a by a “gondolier”. During the journey the boat encounters others that feature live music. Oh and don’t worry, there is a restroom stop.

Xoximilco is located just south of Cancun’s international airport.


Cenotes are natural freshwater sinkholes. There are thousands on the Yucatan Peninsula, the area where Cancun is located. The Mayans believed that cenotes where portals to the underworld, and each is unique, mysterious and beautiful in its own way. At Xenotes, explore 4 different cenotes by kayaking, zip lining, snorkeling and rappelling. Afterwards enjoy a healthy “Glam Picnic” and a glass of wine.

Xenotes is located west of Puerto Morelos, about one hour from Cancun.

No matter which Experiencias Xcaret park you visit, you’re guaranteed to create unforgettable vacation memories. Stay tuned… Experiencias Xcaret plans to open two new parks in 2015!

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