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Getting Married in Cancun

by Kristin Carleen Busse (Kristin)

Who hasn't dreamed about getting married on a white sand beach in Cancun? It may seem like an impossible dream, but a destination wedding can actually cost half of what a traditional at-home ceremony would cost. In addition, it might seem daunting to plan a wedding in another country, but Cancun's all-inclusive resorts have experienced wedding coordinators that are ready to help you with every last detail.

Another convenient thing about getting married and staying at an all-inclusive resort is the fact that you pay one price for your room, meals, drinks and activities. This goes for your guests as well. Also, most all-inclusive resorts offer wedding packages that include room upgrades and romantic surprises for couples.

In addition, you can hold your wedding and reception right in the resort, which means you won't have to worry about clean up, transportation or designated drivers. Most resorts offer different areas where you can hold your ceremony, for instance, on the beach, in a gazebo or in a ballroom.


Required Documents

All you really need to get married in Cancun, Mexico are valid passports and an original and copy of your birth certificates (translated into Spanish by an authorized, certified translator), the tourist visas you will receive when you arrive in the Cancun airport and the official IDs of your four witnesses, both originals and copies.

It is necessary to arrive four working days before the scheduled date of the wedding (Saturdays, Sundays and legal holidays don't count), because you must take a blood test for blood type, HIV, and syphilis and complete a marriage request form and a special certificate that states that you do not have a previous marriage registered in the state of Quintana Roo, where Cancun is located. If one of you is divorced there are additional requirements and a one year waiting period (from the time of the divorce).

After your wedding, you will need to have your marriage certificate legalized in Cancun so that you can use it to register your marriage when you return to your country.


Seem complicated? If you prefer, you can forgo all this paperwork by getting legally married in a simple legal ceremony at home and then having a beautiful symbolic ceremony in Cancun.

Gay marriage is legal in the state of Quintana Roo, so same-sex couples can plan their dream wedding in Cancun as well.

All of the resorts featured on Deals and Trips offer destination weddings, so you can start planning your dream Cancun wedding right now.

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